kids book about a mouse and his dreams

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Awards Garnered by Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain
Best Children's Book - London Book Festival 2008
Best Children's Book - Hollywood Book Festival 2008
Dr. Toy's Best Picks New Product Winner 2008
Best Cover Art - 2008
Atlanta Parent Must-Read Books 2008

Let’s feed everyone with this great children’s book that nourishes the soul, mind and body. I love it!”
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Founder, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Sylvia Lieberman’s dee-lightful ‘tail’ of Archie the Mouse’s lesson about the scary consequences of over-consumption will generate some great discussions in families and classrooms! Just what we need!”
Peter Alsop, award-winning children’s singer-songwriter and educator

“Children everywhere will enjoy and relate to the impulsivity and curious nature of Archibald! The important lessons he learns will not be lost on the young readers who follow him in his adventures.”
—Reveta Bowers, Head of School, The Center for Early Education


“Archie’s life lessons are learned during his adventure in obtaining the ‘big cheese’, much like real life. It’s a fun-filled children’s book that shares wisdom about growing up and achieving independence.”
Dayna Devon, Host of “EXTRA”


“Wonderful lessons for young and old alike. Archibald’s discovery of – the easiest path isn’t always the best–can help children, parents and educators. I loved reading this book to my granddaughter.”
—Pat Burns, Co-founder, Orange County Children’s Book Festival 
Author of Grandparents Rock: The Grandparents Guide for the Rock-n-Roll Generation


“A delightful story of a mouse with a big appetite for food, sights, smells and new adventures… wiser after venturing out
on Swiss Cheese Mountain. A very well written cautionary tale the whole family will enjoy reading aloud.”

—Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./‘Dr. Toy’, psychologist and author of Smart Play Smart Toys


"This is a wise and engaging children's book to reinforce that we all can learn from our parents, if we listen and learn with their oversight. Enjoy this good feeling primer for responsible parenthood."
Jeff Harris, M.D., M.P.H., Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics U.C.L.A., Malibu Family Physician

“Archibald’s Swiss Cheese Mountain is not just a book for this millennium, it’s a timeless tale for generations to come!”
—Ken Levine, More Than News Productions

“As a professional and new grandmother, I enthusiastically recommend this book. My grandchildren and I spend countless hours giggling over Archibald’s adventures!”
—Mari Edelman, Ph.D., psychologist, Clinical Faculty U.C.L.A.

“Oftentimes we are guided in our life’s journey more by our own experiences than the words of wisdom we receive from others. We learn from our never-ending pursuit to experience life just as Archibald does.”

—Rueben Martinez, Owner & founder of Libreria Martinez,
Nationally renowned keynote speaker

“A delightful cautionary tale that will enchant children who hunger
for adventure and independence, but still need to stay safe.”

—Barbara Saltzman, Executive Director, The Jester & Pharley Phund
Publisher of The Jester Has Lost His Jingle